Respond to every need
As a total supporter of packaging.

The comprehensive ability that can support you from all sorts to customer's request is the value provided by Sunpack. We are involved in the business of customers such as Fukuoka Prefecture, whole area of the Kyushu and the metropolitan area, we are starting with support from intangible side of marketing, careful planning, ingenious design and design, to identify the market, we are contributing to solving problems in total by supporting tangible side such as providing high quality packages and effective sales promotion materials. Especially since we are deeply associated with food processing manufacturers, we have plentiful information on what kind of packaging is necessary for this food, what kind of consideration is necessary for logistics, and its know-how can be relied on by customers. In addition, in paperware and label manufacturing, we have a system that allows us to produce in-house, so we are able to provide products that customers want, at the necessary time. While abundant information is set as its own weapon, we respond to every request in detail and realize a satisfactory business.

Procurement capability As for packaging, we will respond to any requests.

Flexibly respond to needs by integrated production system.

Planning and design capability Attractive package that catches customer's heart.